[Scribus] suse and gnome and scribus

bart at solozone.com bart
Mon Dec 6 01:47:34 CET 2004

THERE ARE ONLY TWO upgrades officially listed on the Novell / SuSE site. One for 8.2 another for 9.0 This last (for me) puts one at gtk2-2.2.4.

Now if Scribus is to be used widely, why is it expected to have the latest kde and qt? This immediacy EXCLUDES the active public, service bureaus, users, etc. Only cvs junkies (I am one, to be sure) can keep up. It makes no sense to put out a product that hardly anybody has libraries for (inkscape are you listening?).
Perhaps a staticly linked rpm or options in ./configure? This is becoming serious. Scribus is PRODUCTION LEVEL, right? Usable by millions?

Bart Alberti

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