[Scribus] kde qt and gnome

Plinnell scribusdocs
Mon Dec 6 01:12:06 CET 2004

On Monday 06 December 2004 01:25, bart at solozone.com wrote:
> OK I understand scribus is basically a kde and qt application. it
> interfaces with gimp and inkscape very well. These are gnome applications.
> Now, gnome applications are work horses and fine; unfortunately, gnome
> itself is a house of cards.
> a kde upgrade I can do with time on my hands; gnome I do not want to hear
> of. Now SuSe 9.2 ships as professional only. Ok by me. But I hear not
> everything is on cd; some apps are only on DVD?? There was a posting to
> this effect two weeks or so ago; scribus itself was missing from the cds.

Having done a few KDE and Gnome upgrades, no doubt Gnome is more difficult. 
The libraries are more atomic and need to be installed in the correct order. 

KDE is a bit simpler, as it comes in bigger blobs of files.

> Ok, so what will 1.3 require? Note there are kernel patches for SuSE 9.2
> that show a bifurcation for gpl kernel and non-gpl (proprietary) kernel.
> I will tell a funny story. i attended the LINUX CLUSTER show at San Jose,
> California last year just after Novell took over SuSe and 9.1 was out the
> door. There were immediate kernel and gnome patches. The Novell guy said
> 'Next time, we get all this.' Next time has come and still the big
> dichotomy of kde and gnome.
> Please keep scribus 'PURE'. kde is fine and qt too. No gnome libraries!
> Bart Alberti


To be precise, Scribus needs exactly zero kdelibs or dependencies, just Qt and 
the rest of the list in the docs, although running when running KDE, Scribus 
will intergrate well with many KDE things like drag and drop, kde-style 
plugins etc..

You might be shocked that there is some Gnome code in Scribus - libart, which 
is used for the canvas. It works far better than the Qt canvas and almost any 
other OSS 2D canvas at the moment.

We have done some experiments with Cairo, hosted on freedesktop.org. While it 
is a bit slower it shows much promise and it is very actively developed by 
some folks who "Get it."

What 1.3.0 and beyond will require, we're not certain, but nothing too exotic.

Happily running KDE,Gnome and Blackbox depending on mood,


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