[Scribus] Re: Re: Fonts look bad at first with PDF plugin in browser

Alexander Skwar listen
Wed Dec 1 15:40:11 CET 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 December 2004 14:40, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Craig Bradney wrote:
>> > My question is more why are you seeing this issue and I am not at all.
>> Well, you saw the issue as well - with 6.0. You didn't see
>> the issue with 5.0 on Linux, because that's not the same
>> version I used - I used 5.0 on Window.s
> Err, no, I never saw the issue on Acroreader 6.0.

Yes, you did :)

Message-ID: <200412011040.33896.cbradney at zip.com.au>

| The PC had never seen the PDF before, doesnt have the fonts, and it showed 
| the ugliness for maybe half a second before looking 100% correct

That's the same issue I saw with 6.0 as well. And it's - basically -
the same issue, that 5.0 has as well, I suppose. 5.0, however, doesn't 
seem to refresh its canvas once it has loaded the fonts. 

> explanation almost covers it. I have one issue though. You said you reduced 
> the number of fonts and it didnt make any difference to the speed?


> That would  
> be very strange if the PDF size and location of fonts within it were the 
> issue. You should see a speedup if its smaller, only logical.

That's what I supposed as well.

> Somethings  
> weird.

Yes. That form's weird :)

> Any issues in the webserver logs for that access? 


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