[Scribus] Simple question on woody installation

Steve Jacobs steve
Mon Aug 9 00:13:48 CEST 2004

Haines Brown wrote:

> I'd like to install scribus 1.1.7 on woody, and have followed the
> directions concerning sources.list and pinning that are found on the
> scribus web site. When I run apt-get install scribus, I (naturally)
> get a long list of unsatisfied dependencies. I have an elementary
> question on the interpretation of this list.. 
> For example, 
>  scribus: Depends: libart-2.0-2 (>= 2.3.16) but 2.3.8-1 is to be
>  installed 
> I first check to see what I have:
>   $ ldconfig -p | grep libart
>   libart_lgpl.so.2 (libc6) => /usr/lilb/libart_lgpl.so.2
> So, I don't have libart and need to install it. In the statement
> above, I gather it says that scribus 1.1.7 needs at least version
> 2.3.16, and the highest version available for installation is 2.3.8-1.

Try "apt-get install libart-2.0/unstable libart-2.0-dev/unstable".

> What is meant by, "is to be installed"? Did it fail simply because it
> depended on another package that is not installed? 

I think "is to be installed" means something like "would be installed if 
we kept on doing what we're not going to do." Very intuitive.

> I run 
>   $ apt-show-versions -a -p libart
>   Not installed
>   No stable version
>   No testing version
>   No unstable version  
> And infer there's no .deb packages available to me, so I must compile
> 2.3.8-1 from source. What is the best way of locating that source?
> I come across this information merely by accident:
>   Version: 2.3.16-0+woody1
>   Distribution: unstable
> Why didn't apt-show-version report it?

It looks like the Debian name for libart 1.4.2 is libart2. The Debian 
name for libart 2.3.16 is libart-2.0. Also very intuitive.




Steve Jacobs
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