[Scribus] On extra space [bug 424]

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Apr 28 20:03:54 CEST 2004

> I was reading the discussion over bug 424 about the extra space and
> I'd like to add a little comment.

Its fixed, just as the reporter wants it fixed.

> It is suggested that Scribus could take care of the double spaces at
> the end of a sentence, like other languages such as LaTex and HTML do
> (that is, the extra space is automatically deleted). It is of course
> very common to put 2 spaces at the end of a sentence. Many people just
> don't know that typography in general doesn't like those extra spaces!
> This is why professionnals rely on utilities to get rid of all those
> spaces that can affect the overall quality of typography.

Scribus does remove them all now, perfectly.

> That said, there are some cases where an extra space is needed. So I
> agree Scribus shouldn't eliminate extra spaces automatically. But
> there is still a need to address the issue nonetheless. Because I also
> agree with the bug reporter that 2 spaces are something you don't
> want, in general. This could be handled through the Search/Replace
> dialog... and it could be made easier if users could use the feature
> throughout a whole document, at once.

Surely you wouldnt want extra spaces to show in justified text? This bug
relates only to justified/force justified text.

> As it is, this feature works only in an active text box. My suggestion
> : feature enhancement to allow Search/Replace throughout a whole
> document.

Yes, one day.

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