[Scribus] SVG paths closing

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Sun Apr 18 22:56:13 CEST 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-18 at 16:09, Khiraly wrote:
> Hi!
> Im just new on the list. I have readed few messages in the 
> archive:(http://nashi.altmuehlnet.de/pipermail/scribus/)
> But I didnt found where can I search in the archive ...
> So my question:
> I have exactly the same problem as the writer of this article:
> http://www.atlantictechsolutions.com/scribusdocs/files2.html
> Quote:
> ''Interestingly, I found in the *drawing editor palette*, some of the
> paths were not yet closed. Click on the *close path* and voila, the
> colors appeared. A few minutes of clicking and closing paths and I had
> the Scribus logo in Scribus, as SVG.''
> I didnt found the ''drawing editor palette'' and the ''close path''
> option.
> Is it in scribus, or sodipodi?

In Scribus.  When there are invisible objects imported as SVG, open
"Tools > Outline" and select each object. They will be highlighted with
a red frame. If there is nothing visible, then go to the Properties
Palette and select the Shapes button > Edit Shape. *That* brings up the
drawing editor palette. Then choose the close path button. All of the
buttons have tool tips, to show its function. Then, in most cases, the
colors or strokes of the object appear correctly.
> In sodipodi I have found only one way to solve this problem. 
> Open the XML-editor, and the path attribute I add a letter 'z':
> M 56.29179 32 L 46.00000 68 L 67 68 z
> But its really hard to find the paths they are not closed(this path are
> normally no ''stroke outline''. And it sodipodi looks like a closed (and
> filled) path.

Cool. Thanks for advising of the workaround. 

Have you tested the same SVG via exporting from the latest Inkscape ?
> Have  anybody any idea where can I find the tools appropriate for the
> article?
> ----------------------
> Proposition:
> Can it add some (La)TeX feature to scribus?(or xhtml syntax)
> So for instance I cant make italic some word in my text, just when I
> create a new paragraph. So I cant change the tex-style in my text.
> So it would be good to have some ''scribus-command'' to calling the
> appropriate text-style.
> Example:
> a) Scribus Desktop(<i>DTP</i>) publishing
> b) Scribus Desktop(\emph{DTP}) publishing
> Thany in advance any reponse!

Probably not until after 1.2 is released and the file format of Scribus

Moreover, Scribus is not Latex and vice versa. Both are valid, but very
different ways of publishing documents. 

> Best regards, 
> Khiraly
> ps: sorry for my ugly english

No apolgies needed here.


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