[Scribus] SVG paths closing

Khiraly khiraly123
Mon Apr 19 00:51:39 CEST 2004

> > In sodipodi I have found only one way to solve this problem. 
> > Open the XML-editor, and the path attribute I add a letter 'z':
> > M 56.29179 32 L 46.00000 68 L 67 68 z
> > 
> > But its really hard to find the paths they are not closed(this path are
> > normally no ''stroke outline''. And it sodipodi looks like a closed (and
> > filled) path.
> Cool. Thanks for advising of the workaround. 
> Have you tested the same SVG via exporting from the latest Inkscape ?


I have created some image to better showing. (I have switched to the
newest version of inkscape(0.37)
I have created a polyline(triangle, but not closed), and I have filled

In scribus it does not appear the filled area just outline(if we dont
have outline, so it appears nothing in scribus)

When we look at the source of SVG:
d="M 129.56102 286.5126 L 264.88031 122.40197 L 348.37519 303.7874 "
id="path574" />

Here is the approprieta line:
d="M 129.56102 286.5126 L 264.88031 122.40197 L 348.37519 303.7874 "

If we putting the letter 'z' at the and of line(in XML-editor inside
inkscape, or vim). It close:

I have egally referred some SVG docs, for this issue:

''A path is defined by including a 'path' element which contains a
d="(path data)" attribute, where the d attribute contains the moveto,
line, curve (both cubic and quadratic B?ziers), arc and closepath
The M indicates a moveto, 
the L's indicate lineto's, 
and the z indicates a closepath

More detailed is it at the 8.3.3:
8.3.3 The "closepath" command

> Probably not until after 1.2 is released and the file format of Scribus
> changes.
> Moreover, Scribus is not Latex and vice versa. Both are valid, but very
> different ways of publishing documents. 

I know the difference of scribus and latex.;) I use all the two apps.
At present the better way to include some text in scribus, is it load
some simple txt files. So its evident to improve ...
As I use both two apps for presentation technical text at
conference(scribus), and for reports(latex).

I have egally readed in the archive that someone have an idea to
implement a mathematical editor from OO.org. 
Just my two cents: I write many mathematical/engeneering docs, and I
have never familiarised the way of OO.org, and MS-Office. The latex way
is the best at presence. And would be more simply implement, not need
GUI, just an interpreter for it.
\mathcal{F}^{-1}\{f(\omega)\}=\frac{1}{2\pi}\int\limits_{0}^a e^{j\omega
In M$-Office it cant be exactly typesetting, and it takes 5* much more
Here is the output of this thing:

Best regards, 

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