[Scribus] SVG paths closing

Khiraly khiraly123
Sun Apr 18 22:09:48 CEST 2004


Im just new on the list. I have readed few messages in the 
But I didnt found where can I search in the archive ...

So my question:
I have exactly the same problem as the writer of this article:


''Interestingly, I found in the *drawing editor palette*, some of the
paths were not yet closed. Click on the *close path* and voila, the
colors appeared. A few minutes of clicking and closing paths and I had
the Scribus logo in Scribus, as SVG.''

I didnt found the ''drawing editor palette'' and the ''close path''
Is it in scribus, or sodipodi?

In sodipodi I have found only one way to solve this problem. 
Open the XML-editor, and the path attribute I add a letter 'z':
M 56.29179 32 L 46.00000 68 L 67 68 z

But its really hard to find the paths they are not closed(this path are
normally no ''stroke outline''. And it sodipodi looks like a closed (and
filled) path.

Have  anybody any idea where can I find the tools appropriate for the

Can it add some (La)TeX feature to scribus?(or xhtml syntax)
So for instance I cant make italic some word in my text, just when I
create a new paragraph. So I cant change the tex-style in my text.
So it would be good to have some ''scribus-command'' to calling the
appropriate text-style.

a) Scribus Desktop(<i>DTP</i>) publishing
b) Scribus Desktop(\emph{DTP}) publishing

Thany in advance any reponse!
Best regards, 

ps: sorry for my ugly english

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