[Scribus] French Translation (not only)

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Apr 14 14:58:25 CEST 2004

Hi Craig,

Can a few people work together on this kind of file? I mean, can we 
split the translation job?
On my part, I was thinking about the French Translation of the UI and 
not the documentation itself.
I agree we have to get started. Little by little, we can achieve a lot!!!

One thing I have to say: this is totally new to me. I am not 
competent at programming. If this involves some programming (unless 
really basic) I can concentrate on the wording (the language part) 
and let other do the programming.

I just tried to locate the scribus.pro file and can't find it. Since 
I did not compile Scribus myself, maybe I don't have all the sources 
at hand? :) Don't laugh!!!! I really am a newcomer to this kind of 
job. So I may ask questions that sound silly. I will do my best to 
learn as fast as I can! ;-) <laughing!>

I am ready to give it a shot.

(Please see my few questions below)

? (At) 14h10 +0200 14/04/04, Craig Bradney ?crivait (wrote) :
>The ts format is dead easy to work with, especially since theres now a
>Scribus.pro file included with the CVS files. All you have to do is edit
>the Scribus.pro file

Can I select and download only the Sribus.pro file or do I need the 
whole CVS files?
What do I need to edit the Scribus.pro file?

>and tell it what language to update (at the bottom)
>and then
>lupdate Scribus.pro.

Is this a command line? a save as... ?

>Then edit the resulting ts file in kbabel or qt linguist and work

OK. I have qt linguist on my computer.
I understand that this is the file we must translate, right?

>through the strings. lrelease the .ts to a .qm and install and test.
>Once happy, send the .ts and .qm to Franz directly (email address is in
>Scribus help about) and submit a new bug on the bugtracker saying the
>translation its updated with a note saying .ts/qm sent to Franz.
"lrelease the .ts to a .qm" : can you explain this please!

Best regards,


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