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Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Apr 14 15:41:33 CEST 2004

This is sent to the list without the attachment.. just as information. I
sent the mentioned file directly to Louis

Hi Louis

> Can a few people work together on this kind of file? I mean, can we 
> split the translation job?

You can, I guess. But probably best to get one person to do it.
Different styles, meanings, understandings etc come into the

> On my part, I was thinking about the French Translation of the UI and 
> not the documentation itself.
> I agree we have to get started. Little by little, we can achieve a lot!!!

UI, Yes. The docs.. well.. the updated ones arent finished yet. 

> One thing I have to say: this is totally new to me. I am not 
> competent at programming. If this involves some programming (unless 
> really basic) I can concentrate on the wording (the language part) 
> and let other do the programming.

No programming required.

> I just tried to locate the scribus.pro file and can't find it. Since 
> I did not compile Scribus myself, maybe I don't have all the sources 
> at hand? :) Don't laugh!!!! I really am a newcomer to this kind of 
> job. So I may ask questions that sound silly. I will do my best to 
> learn as fast as I can! ;-) <laughing!>

You need to be able to grab the CVS tree to do this regularly. You will
not need to compile Scribus to be able to update them. I have attached a
scribus.fr.ts file that I converted from the scribus.fr.qm file that is
part of the current distribution. I have updated it to include all the
strings, it just needs translation now. Theres about 700 strings to

> I am ready to give it a shot.
> (Please see my few questions below)
> ? (At) 14h10 +0200 14/04/04, Craig Bradney ?crivait (wrote) :
> >The ts format is dead easy to work with, especially since theres now a
> >Scribus.pro file included with the CVS files. All you have to do is edit
> >the Scribus.pro file
> Can I select and download only the Sribus.pro file or do I need the 
> whole CVS files?
> What do I need to edit the Scribus.pro file?

You wont need right now. I have done this step for you and have attached
the file.

> >and tell it what language to update (at the bottom)
> >and then
> >lupdate Scribus.pro.
> Is this a command line? a save as... ?

lupdate is a command line program. It takes the Scribus.pro file which
contains a list of source files and grabs all the strings in there
surround by translation calls, eg tr("&File") and puts them into a .ts
file. It keeps the ones that are already in the .ts file if it exists in
the path specified at the end of the Scribus.pro file.

> >Then edit the resulting ts file in kbabel or qt linguist and work
> OK. I have qt linguist on my computer.
> I understand that this is the file we must translate, right?

Load the scribus.fr.ts file I have attached into Linguist (or KBabel)
and work through the strings. In Qt Linguist, the source files appear on
the left side, and the strings on the top right. Select each string and
in the bottom right section enter in the translation.

The left list shows you how many strings are done out of how many exist
in each file. Note there will be some with strings like
"%1 %2 %3". These are filled in by variables in Scribus and should just
be exactly the same as they are shown. If there was a "Car  %1" for
example, the resulting translation should be "Voiture %1".

Things like &File need to be translated to include the & symbol as this
shows Qt what letter will be the shortcut for the menu, in this case..
Alt+F will open the file menu. You could, for example, put in &Fichier.
If the Shortcut letter doesnt exist or doesnt make sense then change it.
EG you could choose to make it "Fi&chier" if F was already taken or c
made a lot more sense in the language to translate to.

> >through the strings. lrelease the .ts to a .qm and install and test.
> >Once happy, send the .ts and .qm to Franz directly (email address is in
> >Scribus help about) and submit a new bug on the bugtracker saying the
> >translation its updated with a note saying .ts/qm sent to Franz.
> >
> "lrelease the .ts to a .qm" : can you explain this please!

lrelease is another command line program that converts the more readable
.ts files into the faster to use binary format for the Qt program. To
use the results of your translation, run lrelease scribus.fr.ts -qm
scribus.fr.qm. Replace the scribus.fr.qm you have now with the one you
created and your translations will be seen.

regards and many thanks,

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