[Scribus] French Translation (not only)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Apr 14 14:10:03 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 10:50, MaHan wrote:
>  > What do you mean by french translation. Are you
> > talking about Scribus menus and
> > dialogs or the complete help. In both cases I could
> > help. Yves seem to talk
> > about  this as a past thing, I can understand, it
> > was a lot of work.
> It's about the French user interface translation, I
> presume. The French language file, which you can find
> in the Scribus-1.1.6 tar archive
> (scribus-1.1.6/scribus/po/scribus.fr.po), hasn't been
> updated for almost 6 months, so there surely is plenty
> to be done. Some of us moved from PO to TS file format
> (for more start with this thread
> http://nashi.altmuehlnet.de/pipermail/scribus/2004-January/003913.html
> ).

The ts format is dead easy to work with, especially since theres now a
Scribus.pro file included with the CVS files. All you have to do is edit
the Scribus.pro file and tell it what language to update (at the bottom)
and then
lupdate Scribus.pro.
Then edit the resulting ts file in kbabel or qt linguist and work
through the strings. lrelease the .ts to a .qm and install and test.
Once happy, send the .ts and .qm to Franz directly (email address is in
Scribus help about) and submit a new bug on the bugtracker saying the
translation its updated with a note saying .ts/qm sent to Franz.

> It would be very helpful for all contributors, if the
> Scribus developers committed themselves to at least a
> rough release plan for Scribus 1.2RC1 (is it a
> question of days, weeks or months?). 

Well.. how long is a piece of string?

How many bugs will people report that must be fixed?
How many feature reports are people asking for ASAP that are reasonable
and possible in a reasonable time frame?
How much time will the developers have form their spare personal time to
get things done?
How many people will put up their hand and say they will help out with
something and then really help out (luckily more and more)?

We HAD hoped (a few months ago) for a 1.2 final release for next weekend
or the weekend after. Now it looks like mid-late June. Remember: 1.2 is
supposed to be a stable release, its not just like 1.1.3,4,5,6,...

1.2 will be what ALL the distributions use as a stable release.

I expect that 1.1.7 will be released in the next 2-4 weeks. Franz is
going to Linux Expo in London next Monday and I guess he wont have much
time to hack in Scribus code. The rest of us will continue on the normal
stuff that we are doing (docs, website, IRC, mailing list)

> In return, the
> current translators could let the developers know, if
> they can/want make their translations in time. Please
> mind, there are roughly 2.0000 strings to be
> translated (as of yesterday in my Polish TS file).

It would be worth updating now. Theres about 2000 strings if you have to
start from the beginning (although u can convert from .po to ts). Most
of the strings will NOT change now for the 1.2 release. We have added
heaps of tooltips and then made changes to various ones after some
advice in IRC, so MOST of them should be final as they stand. We will
more than likely add more, and and more GUI strings.

Getting up to date now will stand you in good stead for the planned 2
week string freeze for 1.2.

We have worked on a small starting roadmap document and this will be
online soon.


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