[Scribus] French Translation (not only)

MaHan ma_han2000
Wed Apr 14 10:50:12 CEST 2004

 > What do you mean by french translation. Are you
> talking about Scribus menus and
> dialogs or the complete help. In both cases I could
> help. Yves seem to talk
> about  this as a past thing, I can understand, it
> was a lot of work.

It's about the French user interface translation, I
presume. The French language file, which you can find
in the Scribus-1.1.6 tar archive
(scribus-1.1.6/scribus/po/scribus.fr.po), hasn't been
updated for almost 6 months, so there surely is plenty
to be done. Some of us moved from PO to TS file format
(for more start with this thread

It would be very helpful for all contributors, if the
Scribus developers committed themselves to at least a
rough release plan for Scribus 1.2RC1 (is it a
question of days, weeks or months?). In return, the
current translators could let the developers know, if
they can/want make their translations in time. Please
mind, there are roughly 2.0000 strings to be
translated (as of yesterday in my Polish TS file).

Just my 2 euro cents.
best regards


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