[Scribus] CVS

Martin Costabel costabel
Tue Apr 13 15:40:53 CEST 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:
>>Getting back to cvs, as I didn't compile the Mandrake version myself, 
>>I will ask for some help. I don't know if we are going to be able to 
>>keep up with you guys but will certainly try.
> Once you have it built once, building again the next day or the next
> week will be the same process. If you can get to IRC we can help you
> interactively on any issues that come up in the compile process.

On Mac OSX, you will have a hard time to build from CVS. Apart from 
telling configure where to find the libraries, you need to patch the 
plugin build process. Scribus has old versions of some libtool stuff in 
its admin directory that doesn't know how to build bundles on Darwin. It 
  might compile OK, but none of the plugins will work.

For the Fink package I found some evil hack that does this patch in 4 
lines of perl, but this acts on the Makefile.in files that are not 
directly present in the cvs version, only generated during the 
compilation. So you would need to do these patches somewhere during the 
compilation procedure. A nicer method would, of course, be to get newer 
admin files into Scribus, so that these hacks wouldn't be necessary any 
more, but I don't know enough about kde and libtool to be able to say 
which files these are and where one can find the right versions.


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