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Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Apr 13 14:49:22 CEST 2004

Hi Louis,

> By what I read, updated cvs are not numbered in the same sequence and 
> there may be multiple cvs versions before the team decides to go up a 
> number, say to 1.1.7 etc.

No.. there are probably 50+ commits (of multiple files) to the CVS
server between minor versions (1.1.x level), depending on the features
achieved and bugs removed.

You can almost count on there being a new version of something every day
or night. You certainly dont need to keep up that often though. Doing so
means bleeding edge, but although it is at that level, we really try not
to have any major issues in the program for any length of time. Im sure
most CVS users will attest to that. Even if there was a problem you
discovered, you can always go back by specifying this on the checkout
command line
cvs -z3 co -D yesterday Scribus
cvs -z3 co -D "12 hours ago" Scribus

> Some changes might look as tiny changes on some dialog boxes but are 
> major changes for the user (being able to limit the number of hyphens 
> in a row is not a small add-on, it really makes a difference on the 
> overall quality of the work done! The same applies for the 
> lock-to-grid feature!).

Any feature you have seen in a minor revision has crept into CVS one day
after another. If you look into the Changelog you will see dates in
there. Each of those dates lists (usually) all of the changes committed
to the CVS server on that day.

> Getting back to cvs, as I didn't compile the Mandrake version myself, 
> I will ask for some help. I don't know if we are going to be able to 
> keep up with you guys but will certainly try.

Once you have it built once, building again the next day or the next
week will be the same process. If you can get to IRC we can help you
interactively on any issues that come up in the compile process.


> ? (At) 14h17 +0200 13/04/04, Craig Bradney ?crivait (wrote) :
> >Louis,
> >
> >>  Obviously I am currently working with 1.1.6 but not the latest
> >>  version. (?) You are talking about cvs. How can I get and install cvs
> >>  on my Mandrake and on my OS X ? What is a cvs for Scribus?
> >
> >I forgot to say, its updated a few times per week, sometimes once per
> >day sometime between 11pm and 1am CET/CEST, depending on the progress of
> >changes.
> >
> >Craig
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