[Scribus] changing text in a text box - and a bug

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Apr 7 19:22:11 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 19:03, ruth moulton wrote:
>    > > and a bug:
> > >
> > > i started a new document, made three text frames - two for columns on
> > > page one, the third on page 2. linked them all together. imported some
> > > text at point size 12. selected the frames and changed the size to 10
> > > using 'style'. The result was that the start of each frame went into
> > > point 10, but the last 3rd or so stayed at point 12. I hand edited the
> > > .sla file to get what i wanted, but i think this is a bug ?
> >
> > columns.. u can have multiple per text frame.. shapes tab of properties
> > palette
> >
> > the issue you are seeing is that because you are making the text
> > smaller, the text from the next column which is still larger is flowing
> > in in its unchanged size.
> >
> i did the change in each text box, but started with the first. is this 
> implying that it will work correctly if i started at the last text frame ?
> also, i can't remember now, but if i reset the font size on the text frame it 
> still did the same thing, i still think its a bug!!

Its not a bug. What you are doing is setting the format for the text
frame, not the linked frames as well. Because its a linked text frame,
there is more text following. If you resize things smaller, more text
fits in and it keeps the format that it used had when it was formatted
in the next frame. You correctly say that the solution is to resize from
the end of the text chain. 

If you were using styles, all appropriate frames would change at the
time you reset the style's properties, although noone is suggesting you
must use styles.

There may be some usability issue here but theres no bug, and right now
I'm not sure if theres a better solution than exists because you dont
necessarily want text that moves into a frame to reformat itself.

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