[Scribus] changing text in a text box - and a bug

ruth moulton ruth
Wed Apr 7 19:03:36 CEST 2004

> > and a bug:
> >
> > i started a new document, made three text frames - two for columns on
> > page one, the third on page 2. linked them all together. imported some
> > text at point size 12. selected the frames and changed the size to 10
> > using 'style'. The result was that the start of each frame went into
> > point 10, but the last 3rd or so stayed at point 12. I hand edited the
> > .sla file to get what i wanted, but i think this is a bug ?
> columns.. u can have multiple per text frame.. shapes tab of properties
> palette
> the issue you are seeing is that because you are making the text
> smaller, the text from the next column which is still larger is flowing
> in in its unchanged size.
i did the change in each text box, but started with the first. is this 
implying that it will work correctly if i started at the last text frame ?
also, i can't remember now, but if i reset the font size on the text frame it 
still did the same thing, i still think its a bug!!

but i love 1.1.6, the more i explore its capabilities the happier i am!!

> Craig

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