[Scribus] changing text in a text box - and a bug

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Apr 6 23:10:04 CEST 2004

Hi Ruth

> when i have imported some text into a box i'm going to want to change the 
> style of some of the words, maybe for a different colour, maybe to make it 
> italic or bold or even to use mixed fonts within one piece of text, i can't 
> see how to do this ? - when i've selected some words in the text box the 
> style menu item is greyed out so i can't use it. 

Have the Properties palette shown, then you have full control over the

> using style in story editor seems to have no effect 

You need to define some styles. Edit menu from story editor or main edit
menu has a paragraph styles link. 

> the only way to make changes seems to be for the whole text box at once.

not with the above.

> i can see that i could fiddle around with multiple text boxes, inserting them 
> for the words i want to be different, but that seems a cumbersome way to do 
> things
>  could some one give me some help ? - thanks
> and a bug:
> i started a new document, made three text frames - two for columns on page 
> one, the third on page 2. linked them all together. imported some text at 
> point size 12. selected the frames and changed the size to 10 using 'style'. 
> The result was that the start of each frame went into point 10, but the last 
> 3rd or so stayed at point 12. I hand edited the .sla file to get what i 
> wanted, but i think this is a bug ?

columns.. u can have multiple per text frame.. shapes tab of properties

the issue you are seeing is that because you are making the text
smaller, the text from the next column which is still larger is flowing
in in its unchanged size.

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