[Scribus] Introduction

linuxlingam linuxlingam
Sun Apr 4 21:00:53 CEST 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 11:48, Jeff Lasman wrote:
> This is my list introduction...
> I've been wanting to leave Windows behind for about a year now, so today 
> I downloaded and installed Scribus.


> I've used PageMaker since it's earliest day on the PC, and sometimes I 
> even think I know what I'm doing, but I can see I'm going to have a 
> learning curve.

i hope i can help you with whatever little i know. have been using
pagemaker since version 1.0, circa (march 1985), plus quark, plus indzn,
plus framemaker....

> Has anyone created a printable version of the documentation?  What I'd 
> like is something I can print out and carry with me, and read during 
> the many times during the day I'm waiting somewhere.

a few pdfs in tutorials, tips, primers, are available from the
documentation section of the site. some of the stuff needs minor
updation, but it gets you started. plus:

scott blades has " created a guide for[snip] Windows immigrants who 
need a little help.  It's rather large (over 1MB) due to graphics.  
Comments are welcome."
> (If not, perhaps it's something I can add to the project, but I need to 
> learn first.)
> Can someone point me please to a primer on how to make my fonts with 
> Scribus?  I have lots of fonts on my RHL 9 desktop, but most of them 
> don't show up with Scribus.
> And to any tools, if they exist, for the kind of typographic control 
> I've gotten used to?
> I'm going to build another desktop system with more up-to-date software; 
> I'm thinking about trying Scribus with Knoppix.  Is that a good idea?  
> Or a bad one?

controversial question: some will eagerly recommend gentoo, others
debian, a few others fedora, some knoppix, and so on. so pick according
to your preferences, just ensure you have the latest updated
dependencies, such as freetype, gs, qt, and so on, and you'll be okay.
feeling adventurous? multi-partition your pc and use the latest releases
of these major distros with scribus! power of freedom.

> I'm also a trained and experienced typographer and have even worked on 
> some trademarks and logos with which some Americans in this group might 
> be familiar.

great to know. welcome to scribus, and hope all of us can learn from you
and share with you

> Jeff


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