[Scribus] Help file not same version as download?

Jeff Lasman blists
Sun Apr 4 09:39:13 CEST 2004

Today I downloaded both Scribus and the English-language help file.

According to the Help|About box, I'm running Scribus version 1.0.1.

The help file I've downloaded says on the main page that it's for 
Scribus 1.0-Stable, documentation updated 12:07:2003.

When I click on the "Style" menu in Scribus I get:

 Font      >
 Size      >
 Style     >
 Alignment >
 Color     >
 Shade     >

When I look at section 3.4 of the online documentation I get information 
about a "Styles and Measurement Palette", which appears to be 
completely different from anything I found running the Scribus program.

So I've got two problems:

How do I get to the Styles and Measurement Palette?


How do I apply a paragraph style to test or to a textbox?


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