[Scribus] Working with Scribus when Gimp is still open ?

Jean-Jacques Sarton jj.sarton
Fri Apr 2 18:38:59 CEST 2004


a.l.e schrieb:
>>As wrote the code (gimp was first hard coded), I have deliberately
>>choosed to lock scribus,
> that's why i asked before changing something!
> have a nice evening!
> a.l.e
After replacing the line cmd.append(ScApp->Prefs.gimp_exe); by
cmd = QStringList::split(" ", ScApp->Prefs.gimp_exe)

the behaviour is as follow:

If gimp-remote -n is used scribus will not be blocked
If gimp is launched scribus will be locked until gimp terminate.

I think that nor more change are to be done into scribus as long as
the user know this behaviour and has the ablility to call gimp.

An other solution as gimp-remote is to call gimp via a shell script
which call gimp in the background mode:
gimp $@ &


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