[Scribus] Working with Scribus when Gimp is still open ?

Jean-Jacques Sarton jj.sarton
Fri Apr 2 17:35:09 CEST 2004

Hi Ale,

ale schrieb:
> helle everybody,
> i'm working on the gimp-launching code in order to let scribus accept parameters for the app launched (gimp-remote -n file.png)... should i also change the code so that scribus doesn't wait anymore for gimp quitting?
> is anybody already doing it?

The code shall modified in the way that options wrotten in the preference dialog
are not taken as part of the executable name.

The line (page.cpp)
must be modified in a construct like
    for each word in ScApp->Prefs.gimp_exe
       cmd.append word

Waiting or not waiting is the question. The best is probably to offer
the choice, the user can decide what he prefer.

As wrote the code (gimp was first hard coded), I have deliberately
choosed to lock scribus, I consider that the main task is Scribus
and editing the picture is a subtask, which has to be terminated before
continuing to use scribus. The user concentrate it primary on the scribus
document and want only to make a little modification of the picture as
heavier colors, and so on.

> please answer on the bug tracker, bug#401.


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