[Scribus] A few annoying problems

Patrick magicpage91
Fri Sep 26 04:57:50 CEST 2003

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:30:37 -0600
Carol Kankelborg <cckborg1 at alumni.lehigh.edu> wrote:

> I have come across a few annoying problem with scribus and I would 
> like to know if there
> is a simple way to work around them.  I am coming from a 
> word-processing mindset, so
> I may just have faulty expectations.
> First,  I have a number of lines which are of the following form:
> Song............................................................Name 
> of Performer
> I have them set up as a block paragraph style and I put in enough 
> dots to push the "Name of Performer"
> all the way to the right.  When I quit out of the document and reopen 
> it, extra dots are added to some of these lines, seemingly randomly,
> so the text on the  page no longer looks as I want it to.  Is there
> some way to keep this from happening?  I can't find tabs anywhere in
> scribus.  Am I missing them?  Is there some other way to get the same
> effect other than the way I've done it?
> **************

This is a good point you bring up and one I have also wondered about,
though have not yet had an instance to need it, but have had need of
tabs.  When doing something like Carol describes, for a program or a
restaurant menu, moving from item to price.  I remember even my early
Amiga DTP programs had a feature to let you choose the line, bullet
style, etc. and automatically add that over to the tab you set for the
next item to appear.  Don't remember right now what it was
called, but am thinking OpenOffice has that feature.  Another example:
Menu Item********************************(tab)Price

That way your prices stay lined up or whatever the item is.  Does
Scribus have this feature?  Does Scribus have tabs?  I don't find any
available, but I am still finding my way around too.  I know, even in a
word processor, using spaces instead of tabs, will generally cause
things to be misaligned when you reopen it too, so tabs would be
important to have.


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