[Scribus] PDF and printing problems.

ismgr ismgr
Wed Sep 24 15:49:35 CEST 2003

Scribus 1.0.1
Yellow Dog Linux 3.0

I have been having troubles printing from Scribus for any documents to my 
default printer. 

The printer prints from other apps (KWord, KSpread, Galeon, Konqueror), so I 
my thought was perhaps there was an issue with the data that Scribus was 

I attempted to create a PDF file of a working Scribus document and it worked 
fine it seemed, until I opened the file in xPDF. When opened, the screen  
fonts were messed up, and at that point, the PDF file wouldn't print either. 

I told Scribus to embed all fonts, but it didn't seem to work right. 

Please don't miss the fact that I fully realize this is likely user 
error.......  :-)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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