[Scribus] PDF and printing problems.

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Wed Sep 24 17:40:08 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 09:49, ismgr wrote:
> Scribus 1.0.1
> Yellow Dog Linux 3.0
> I have been having troubles printing from Scribus for any documents to my 
> default printer. 
> The printer prints from other apps (KWord, KSpread, Galeon, Konqueror), so I 
> my thought was perhaps there was an issue with the data that Scribus was 
> sending.
> I attempted to create a PDF file of a working Scribus document and it worked 
> fine it seemed, until I opened the file in xPDF. When opened, the screen  
> fonts were messed up, and at that point, the PDF file wouldn't print either. 
> I told Scribus to embed all fonts, but it didn't seem to work right. 
> Please don't miss the fact that I fully realize this is likely user 
> error.......  :-)
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Chris

Things to check:
> ______________________________________________________________________
If you have kprinter and CUPS, how does that work ? 

Which version of Ghostscript do you have ?

Can you compile GSview ? I do not know if this is available for PPC.

Notes on xPDF:

I just did some testing with Scribus PDF's and poking around the docs
for latest version of XPDF. It will only use the default X fonts, unless
you have a .xpdfrc file in your home directory.

If you installed the XPDF docs, do a search for sample.xpdfrc and copy
this to your home directory. Open this in a text file and look through
the settings, it is well commented. You can add additional font paths to
let Xpdf search for your True Type fonts for example.

It is unfortunate Acro Reader is not available for PPC/Linux. 


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