[Scribus] Page Orientation Problem in booklet generation

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Mon Sep 22 07:18:26 CEST 2003

I don't know if this is a problem with scribus or not.

I have a scribus file with 36 half-letter-sized pages which will be 
combined into
a booklet made from letter-sized paper folded in half.  I generate the PDF for
printing the booklet as follows:

I "print" to a file from scribus (1.1.0) to create "Test.ps."
I then run the following commands under UNIX (Mac OS X, fink 
packages, Apple X11b3)

    psbook -s36 -q Test.ps Test.reorder.ps
    psnup -h11in -w8.5in -H8.5in -W5.5in -2 -q Test.reorder.ps Test.nup.ps
    ps2pdf13 Test.nup.ps Test.pdf

The end result, Test.pdf, should contain pages in landscape 
orientation with two booklet
pages in a row on that page.  Instead, some of the pages are in 
portrait orientation with the booklet
pages rotated 270 degrees, 2 in a column.  What the portrait pages 
seem to have in common
is they only contain images frames and no text frames.  One portrait 
page does have a text
frame, but that text frame was rotated 270 degrees in scribus.  I 
tried putting an empty text
frame on one of the bad pages and it didn't make a difference. 
However, putting a text
frame with some text in it caused the page to be oriented correctly. 
Looking at the output
of psnup in gv shows all pages in the correct orientation, so the 
problem might be with
ps2pdf.  Could there be some option I should be using to make things 
come out correctly?
But, why would adding a text box in scribus change things?  Any help would be

Thanks in advance,
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