[Scribus] Page Orientation Problem in booklet generation

Michael Below mbelow
Mon Sep 22 17:34:28 CEST 2003

Carol Kankelborg <cckborg1 at alumni.lehigh.edu> writes:

> I don't know if this is a problem with scribus or not.

I think it isn't.

> I have a scribus file with 36 half-letter-sized pages which will be
> combined into
> a booklet made from letter-sized paper folded in half.  I generate the PDF for
> printing the booklet as follows:
> I "print" to a file from scribus (1.1.0) to create "Test.ps."
> I then run the following commands under UNIX (Mac OS X, fink packages,
> Apple X11b3)
>     psbook -s36 -q Test.ps Test.reorder.ps
>     psnup -h11in -w8.5in -H8.5in -W5.5in -2 -q Test.reorder.ps Test.nup.ps
>     ps2pdf13 Test.nup.ps Test.pdf

Try psbook without the -s36. The manual says

,----[ man psbook ]
|        The  -s option selects the size of signature which will be
|        used. The signature size is the number of sides which will
|        be folded and bound together; the number given should be a
|        multiple of four. The default is to use one signature  for
|        the  whole  file.  Extra  blank sides will be added if the
|        file does not contain a multiple of four pages.

I don't know much about printing, but I think these "signatures" are
sub-groups of pages, like: you have 200 pages, print them in 10 groups
? 20 pages (5 sheets each), fold each group seperately and glue those
groups together into one book. AFAIK this makes the books more
even. For 36 pages, you could do 3 subgroups ? 12 pages (3 sheets
each), or you could make it all in one. If you make subgroups, you
need to find a way to glue/tie the subgroups together.

Also, I would try to avoid scaling the layout, that might reduce the

I have no idea if one of my hints somehow solves your
problem... If they don't: Try to print the postscript file
directly. If you print the brochure on your own, you don't need a PDF.


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