[Scribus] Line printing

Andrew showork
Mon Sep 22 06:59:42 CEST 2003

Hi All,

	I wonder if I am doing something wrong?  I have a single test page.
I made two interlocking boxes around the edges, or margins of the page. 
Basicly the boxes follow the margins around the edges of the entire page, 
	There is text box filling the bulk/middle of the page.

	The text prints, the lines/boxes do not print.  The lines are well with in 
the printable area.     I t would be nice to know what is happening here.
	Also tab seems not to work when moving text.

	Scribus is a great addition to OSS.  I see it replacing PageMaker for my uses 
in the near future. 


Scribus 1.10
Mandrake 9.1

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