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Mon Sep 22 03:55:10 CEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 10:34, Sunil Joshi wrote:
> >> Hi
> >> I am a new user of Scribus, using 1.0.1 on X11 (Mac). In creating a
> >> letterhead, in the document set up I set the top margin of 0.5 inch 
> >> and
> >> laid out graphics on the page such that it would start right at the 
> >> top
> >> margin.  However when I print the page, I see a one inch margin added
> >> on top of the 0.5 inch margin I had set.  I changed the document set 
> >> up
> >> to 0.0 inches top margin, and I still see a one inch margin added.  I
> >> wonder what is going on, and if my printer has anything to do with it.
> >> I am using Brother HL-5070N laser printer.  Any help would be
> >> appreciated.
> >>
> >> Thanks
> >> Sunil
> >>
> >
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> > What happens when you export a PDF ?
> When I export it to Acrobat, it prints the graphic all the way up by 
> the top edge of the page not adding the one inch top margin that 
> Scribus seems to add.
> -Sunil

Scribus uses the same settings for exporting PDF, as printing to a
printer. Thus, this probably specific to your printer. 

There are some notes here: http://www.linuxprinting.org/brother-faq.html

Relating to margins and your printer model. They recommend using XPP,
which I have used before with Scribus and it does work very well. I used
this until kprinter came with KDE3, but before Franz added direct
support for CUPS.

Hope that helps,
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