Sunil Joshi pavansut
Sun Sep 21 16:34:45 CEST 2003

>> Hi
>> I am a new user of Scribus, using 1.0.1 on X11 (Mac). In creating a
>> letterhead, in the document set up I set the top margin of 0.5 inch 
>> and
>> laid out graphics on the page such that it would start right at the 
>> top
>> margin.  However when I print the page, I see a one inch margin added
>> on top of the 0.5 inch margin I had set.  I changed the document set 
>> up
>> to 0.0 inches top margin, and I still see a one inch margin added.  I
>> wonder what is going on, and if my printer has anything to do with it.
>> I am using Brother HL-5070N laser printer.  Any help would be
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Sunil
> ______________________________________________________________________
> What happens when you export a PDF ?

When I export it to Acrobat, it prints the graphic all the way up by 
the top edge of the page not adding the one inch top margin that 
Scribus seems to add.

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