[Scribus] Scribus color mismatch problems on Mac

Wolfgang Rumpf evildrbob
Wed Sep 17 19:48:14 CEST 2003

I'm using libart2 2.3.10-2 installed via fink.  I'll install the latest  
(2.3.14-1) and recompile Scribus and see if that helps...

>> 2. Colors - text colors aren't always WYSIWYG; images may be washed  
>> with
>> blue - e.g. black text looks fine on screen and printed/exported to  
>> PDF,
>> but setting text color to blue makes the text appear green on screen
>> although it prints/exports as blue. Images are blue/white washed on
>> screen but also print/export fine.
> Maybe a bug in your libart library, what version are you using? On  
> Intel base
> Linux Systems everything works fine. It seems that it has something to  
> do with
> byte-swapping the RGB Values on your Mac.
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