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Patrick magicpage91
Wed Sep 17 17:11:53 CEST 2003

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 23:31:42 -0500
bulk at katskave.com wrote:

> On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 10:09  PM, Wesley T Allen wrote:
> > 1. When I create a page-template I can apply it to a page, but then
> > I can't
> > add any text to the page at all.  Can anyone tell me why this is? 
> > Are templates only supposed to have text inserted from the template 
> > editing mode?
> I was confused at first when I first created a template (all of a week
> ago!) because double clicking on the templates text box (in a real 
> page) did not let me add stuff to that box.  So I thought the boxes in
> the template as "guides" and drew new text boxes over them, and added 
> content to the new ones.  I didn't have any problem putting new text
> or image boxes directly on top of the text boxes I drew in the
> template.  Have you tried that, or can you not draw new boxes at all?
> -- mary
> ================


The whole template thing had me completely confused as well or at least
until Peter, or was that Paul, sent me some examples to explain the
Scribus way of templates.  Let's see if I can clarify a bit.  In
Scribus, a template is a page with permanent items affixed to it.  A
logo, a box with text in it that you use all the time, etc.  From that
page, you add the other things you would like to finish a page layout,
but cannot change what is already on the page.

Now, in my thinking, a template is a page layout that you use often,
like for labels, letterheads, etc., but can change what's there too. 
You load that page and start typing on the page, then save under a
different name. There is nothing permanent on the page and you can
change any item on the page, if need be.

What I have done to create my "templates" is create the page, as I will
use it later, then save it to a template folder.  I then remove the
"write" permission from the file, so I can only use it as a template and
I have to save it under a different name.  If I just try to save, it
gives me an error that it cannot write to the file.

Make sense?  Sometimes my logic doesn't follow the norm.  ;o)

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