[Scribus] fonts.dir and fonts.scale

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Fri Sep 12 16:30:29 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 17:27, ephemeron wrote:
> Would it be possible for Scribus itself to create these two
> files?  To make this user configurable option, the fonts (which
> are likelty to be installed as root) could be symlinked in a
> Scribus ~/.scribus/fonts/ directory.  Here fonts.dir and
> fonts.scale could be created without becoming root.

Not sure if it'll work, but you might open the offending font files in
pfaedit. It should generate at least one of the two files for you...

The pfaedit.sourceforge.net website has links to other font softwares,
at least one of which should autogenerate the fonts.dir and fonts.scale

Hope this helps.

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