[Scribus] Problems with Scribus 1.1.0

Michael Below mbelow
Fri Sep 12 12:07:51 CEST 2003

Franz Schmid <Franz.Schmid at altmuehlnet.de> writes:
>  > I had, however, several problems when working with the program:
>  > *New file(two columns, auto textframes)/insert a page/delete this page ->
>  > Scribus crashes; does not happen if file is created without automatic
>  > textframes
> Confirmed, there is a crash. This makes me have some thoughts about these
> automatic Textframes. Is there really a need for that Feature? Your're the first
> one reporting that Bug, it seems that this Feature is rarely used. Removing it
> would make the Code much cleaner.

I also encountered a crash when using automatic text frames, I didn't
report it yet because I didn't reproduce it by now: I had 3 columns,
Title text frame placed on top of them, first column partially filled
with text, image placed on top of second & third column just below the
title frame, then I added another text frame that was rotated a bit
and moved that text frame around, sometimes I put it on the
left text column, onto the text, sometimes below the text in there,
sometimes onto the image. Maybe after 10 moves, scribus disappeared

Also, I opened an old test document of mine, containing 5 auto-text
columns on a4-broadside, filled with lots of text in 10pt
size. Everything got really slow again.

But I think the auto text frames are a good feature, it's useful if
you do something more repetitive... Imagine a newsletter, it would be
hard to fill 40 pages with text frames by hand.

>  > *It would be nice to be able to see from the menu entry if hyphenation is on
>  > or off (a small dot or check or something similar)
> Good Idea, will include it.

BTW, what do I do if I don't like the way Scribus hyphenates? I just
tried to eliminate a hyphenation by hitting backspace behind it, but
that simply deleted the character in front of the hyphen...

Another issue: I can't minimize the measurements palette. When I click
onto the minimize symbol, all I get is a beep. In the window menu from
my window manager (fvwm), the iconify entry is grey.


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