[Scribus] Problems with Scribus 1.1.0

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Fri Sep 12 23:33:37 CEST 2003

Michael Below wrote:
> BTW, what do I do if I don't like the way Scribus hyphenates? I just
> tried to eliminate a hyphenation by hitting backspace behind it, but
> that simply deleted the character in front of the hyphen...
Delete the character before the hyphen and reenter it.

> Another issue: I can't minimize the measurements palette. When I click
> onto the minimize symbol, all I get is a beep. In the window menu from
> my window manager (fvwm), the iconify entry is grey.
Minimizing isn't supported, but in KDE you can doubleclick the window title
to reduce it to the window title. Haven't used fvmw for a long time.

Best regards,
Franz Schmid

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