[Scribus] Problems with Scribus 1.1.0

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Thu Sep 11 21:49:37 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 08:01, Gunnar Wegner wrote:
> Hello,
> I have just recently started working with Scribus; I compiled 1.1.0 on my SuSE 
> Pro 8.2 today without any problems.
> I had, however, several problems when working with the program:
> *New file(two columns, auto textframes)/insert a page/delete this page -> 
> Scribus crashes; does not happen if file is created without automatic 
> textframes

Yes, I find it does the same thing - workaround: remove everything from
the pages, save and then delete page. Stops the crashes.

> *Scribus seems not to accept empty spaces or German Umlaute in file/directory 
> names (maybe it is a feature of lunix systems, I have just begun learning)

Not a good idea, spaces in file names. Umlaute ? I do not know about
this one.

> *The "save file" symbol disappears after saving and reappears once I make a 
> change to the file

Normal. That indicates the file is in a saved state. Open Office does
the same.

> *New file(two columns, auto textframes)/insert three pages of text from .txt 
> file/switch on hyphenation in very first linked frame/same for the second: I 
> cannot use the mouse pointer any longer to position the curser within the 
> second frame; it keeps jumping back to the first position in that frame. 
> Can someone help?
Works for me. When importing text, are you selecting the correct
encoding and is the correct language selected in Edit > Preferences >
Hyphneator (in English) 
> I also have two suggestions:
> *It would be nice to be able to see from the menu entry if hyphenation is on 
> or off (a small dot or check or something similar)

Good idea.
> *When deleting objects, the element browser's tree structure collapses; it 
> would be nicer to leave it as it was and just remove that element.

This is an issue with Qt.. It has long been on my wish list, but as
Franz has explained there are some issues with tree displays in Qt.
Playing with this code has broken it before if I recall correctly. 
> Thanks to the developers for creating this nice program,
> Gunnar :)
Hope that helps,

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