[Scribus] Problems with Scribus 1.1.0

Gunnar Wegner gunnar.wegner
Thu Sep 11 14:01:40 CEST 2003


I have just recently started working with Scribus; I compiled 1.1.0 on my SuSE 
Pro 8.2 today without any problems.

I had, however, several problems when working with the program:
*New file(two columns, auto textframes)/insert a page/delete this page -> 
Scribus crashes; does not happen if file is created without automatic 
*Scribus seems not to accept empty spaces or German Umlaute in file/directory 
names (maybe it is a feature of lunix systems, I have just begun learning)
*The "save file" symbol disappears after saving and reappears once I make a 
change to the file
*New file(two columns, auto textframes)/insert three pages of text from .txt 
file/switch on hyphenation in very first linked frame/same for the second: I 
cannot use the mouse pointer any longer to position the curser within the 
second frame; it keeps jumping back to the first position in that frame. 

Can someone help?

I also have two suggestions:
*It would be nice to be able to see from the menu entry if hyphenation is on 
or off (a small dot or check or something similar)
*When deleting objects, the element browser's tree structure collapses; it 
would be nicer to leave it as it was and just remove that element.

Thanks to the developers for creating this nice program,

Gunnar :)

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