[Scribus] Problems with scribus 1.0.1

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Sep 11 17:04:34 CEST 2003

I'm seeing a lot of No.5 with Scribus 1.1.0.

I'm used to pasting a lot of text, or linking, into one frame, then
making the others and making the links. I have to have more frames in
Scribus because from I can see I cant have more than one column per
frame. Editing the text (eg, setting bolds on headings within the text
becomes a big nightmare. When I click in a second box, the cursor
returns to the beginning of the text box before I can type anything to
correct text.

Any ideas?


On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 00:02, Simon Munton wrote:
> Hi
> I've come across a few problems whilst using scribus 1.0.1. 
> 1. Scribus freezes if text boxes are chained together into a loop: 
> 	create a new document
> 	add a text box
> 	add another text box
> 	chain first text box to second
> 	now chain second text box back to first (I know this is not a sensible thing 
> to do, but.... )
> 	drag first text box; scribus freezes
> 2. Scribus crashes when dragging a line's start point
> 	create a new document
> 	draw a line
> 	drag start point of line; the line doesn't follow the mouse, and eventually 
> shoots off to the right, and then scribus crashes with a segmentation fault. 
> Dragging the end point of the line does not exhibit this behaviour.
> 3. When chaining textboxes, empty text box becomes invisible
> 	create new document
> 	add a text box
> 	add second text box
> 	chain first text box to second; second text box disappears. (but it is still 
> there)
> 4. When typing into two empty textboxes that are chained together, the first 
> character that overflows to the second textbox ends up on the wrong side of 
> the insertion point; the next character typed appears in front of the last 
> character, not after.
> 5. Strange insertion point motion in chained textboxes. Having typed into two 
> chained textboxes, if backspace is pressed at the beginning of a line in the  
> second textbox, the line break is deleted as expected, but the insertion 
> point jumps to the first character in the text box.
> 6. Chained textboxes aren't always repainted when the page is scrolled down 
> and then back up. 
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> Simon Munton
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