[Scribus] Problems with scribus 1.0.1

Simon Munton simon
Thu Sep 4 00:02:19 CEST 2003


I've come across a few problems whilst using scribus 1.0.1. 

1. Scribus freezes if text boxes are chained together into a loop: 
	create a new document
	add a text box
	add another text box
	chain first text box to second
	now chain second text box back to first (I know this is not a sensible thing 
to do, but.... )
	drag first text box; scribus freezes

2. Scribus crashes when dragging a line's start point
	create a new document
	draw a line
	drag start point of line; the line doesn't follow the mouse, and eventually 
shoots off to the right, and then scribus crashes with a segmentation fault. 
Dragging the end point of the line does not exhibit this behaviour.

3. When chaining textboxes, empty text box becomes invisible
	create new document
	add a text box
	add second text box
	chain first text box to second; second text box disappears. (but it is still 

4. When typing into two empty textboxes that are chained together, the first 
character that overflows to the second textbox ends up on the wrong side of 
the insertion point; the next character typed appears in front of the last 
character, not after.

5. Strange insertion point motion in chained textboxes. Having typed into two 
chained textboxes, if backspace is pressed at the beginning of a line in the  
second textbox, the line break is deleted as expected, but the insertion 
point jumps to the first character in the text box.

6. Chained textboxes aren't always repainted when the page is scrolled down 
and then back up. 

Simon Munton

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