[Scribus] Text frames linked "backwards"

ephemeron ephemeron
Sat Nov 22 21:44:55 CET 2003

I've tested this several times.  It seems that Scribus (cvs
1.1.3) can't handle reliably text frames that are linked
"backwards."  Let's say I'm trying to layout a newsletter where
some article begins on Page 8.  The article continues on Page 7
and then Page 6, etc.  So I create a link from the text frame on
Page 8 to the text frame on Page 7, and a link from that text
frame to the text frame on Page 6, and so on.  In other words I'm
trying to flow text backwards from Page 8 to Page 1.

Sometimes I'll see text on Pages 7, 6 etc; sometimes I don't.  I
know I've linked the frames "properly" because after I, say,
resize one or two of the text frames, the text appears.  A
similar behavior affects the print preview.  When I try to print
(to file), a crash often occurs.

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