[Scribus] scribus CVS server

Paul paul
Sat Nov 22 18:45:36 CET 2003


> hello all - esp. developers.
> I'm working on some plugin for S.
> I got some *former_aaagrh!_friend's* CVS server to store files
> but because of HW error is this one down. I think for months or
> years :(
> Should I have account on Scribus CVS server?

At the moment, only Franz, Peter and myself have access to the main
developer server - basically, it's to ensure that the work on there is
fine. When the code is happy, Franz commits to the anoncvs server.

While I can give rights to the cvs server at Salford, I can't on Franz's
server. It's nothing personal, but until we're happy with the quality of
people's code, we don't give them cvs write access.

> I can use sourceforge or something else of course but it's IMHO
> slow and overloaded...




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