[Scribus] Re: Windows Port

Marvin Dickens mpdickens
Mon Nov 17 16:00:32 CET 2003

Roberto J. Dohnert wrote:
> << ********I do not support a port of Scribus to Windows.*********** >>
> I do.
> << As support for this position, I offer the GIMP port to windows as an 
> example. The GIMP port to windows did not bring windows users to Linux. >>
> That was not the intention of the port.  The intention of the port was 
> to introduce Windows users to the benefits of free software.  

I never said that was the intention of the port. What I said was that 
was the result of the port (And it is).

   Im looking on the web and I am having
> a hard time finding the article or anywhere in the GPL that says Free 
> software is only for Linux.  With ypour attitude thats what you are 
> implying. 

Please do not put words in my mouth. I find that distasteful........

> No the attitude of many Linux zealots makes it one less reason to try 
> Linux.  

Well, this is the Scribus mailing list. So, it does seem to reason that
you'd find a lot of Linux zealots on it. Where would you have us go? a 
Windows mailing list...?...

And what would you say to people who call Linux, Crappy, No GUI,
> no game playing, no quicktime, technically inferior OS? 
> Windows has its 
> advantages and benefits as does Linux.  I think Windows 2000/XP/2003 
> Server are Fantastic Operating Systems, compared to 95/98/ME.  And yes 
> in ways i think they are better than Linux.

Well, I'm not gonna answer the question of what I'd call people who call 
Linux Crappy and etc... That question is flame bate (So, if your 
trolling, I'm not biting). But, I know this: I wouldn't subscribe to a 
Windows product email list and say that I thought Linux was in many ways 
better than Windows: I be stiring up trouble with the Windows zealots 
who were minding there own business on a windows mailing list....


Marvin Dickens
Alpharetta, Georgia  USA

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