[Scribus] Re: Windows Port

Roberto J. Dohnert webwarrior
Mon Nov 17 12:32:38 CET 2003

<< ********I do not support a port of Scribus to Windows.*********** >>

I do.

<< As support for this position, I offer the GIMP port to windows as an 
example. The GIMP port to windows did not bring windows users to Linux. >>

That was not the intention of the port.  The intention of the port was to introduce Windows users to the benefits of free software.  If that was truly the motive of that team then that was a mistake.  Th real test would be to pull the port of Gimp for Windows.  You will have alot of upset people.  The GIMP is an indespensible tool and I know alot of people on both sides of the OS pond that use the GIMP, some professionally.

In fact, the port of GIMP to Windows was such a success (Even though it 
crashes a lot, this is acceptable and expected by windows users. They 
think everything is fantastic...) that users of windows who want to use 
GIMP now have no reason to use or try to use Linux (At least in thier 
own minds). Therefore, GIMP as an enticement to try linux is dead. The 
funeral has come and gone. >>

1.2.3 of the GIMP for Windows was indeed unstable and did crash alot but with that was because you had the same people doing several releases for different platforms but since the WinGIMP team took over and handle the Windows port exclusively it has gotten a lot better, here is the URL in case you are interested, http://www.wingimp.org, I am having a problem that maybe you can help me with.  Im looking on the web and I am having a hard time finding the article or anywhere in the GPL that says Free software is only for Linux.  With ypour attitude thats what you are implying.  The purpose of Free Software is freedom, not platform agnostic freedom.  

<< This has been the history of all software that was written for linux and 
then ported to Windows. I can name five more Linux products, but why 
should I? Everyone on this list who has been involved in the linux 
community for the last five years can name at least five of these 
themselves. Condsidering these facts, a port of Scribus to windows would 
be one less reason to try Linux...

A port to windows reduces the amount of energy and time that the 
developers put into the Linux version: There are only so many hours in a 
day... Why waste those hours porting Scribus to an unstable, 
technologically inferior, code bloated pig of an OS? >>

No the attitude of many Linux zealots makes it one less reason to try Linux.  And what would you say to people who call Linux, Crappy, No GUI, no game playing, no quicktime, technically inferior OS?  Windows has its advantages and benefits as does Linux.  I think Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server are Fantastic Operating Systems, compared to 95/98/ME.  And yes in ways i think they are better than Linux.

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