[Scribus] Crash with text box

Paul paul
Mon Nov 10 02:11:11 CET 2003


> Hmm, Debian sid (sid=unstable) with Xfree 4.3.0 and the Qt from the 
> KDE3.2-beta deb's: 3.2.1-6+orth.

It should be okay on that. That said, I've not tested the 3.2 beta yet.

> During editing of my first page, I noticed cut'n'paste doesn't work correctly 
> for text boxes - pasted text box does not have any content anymore (will send 
> detailed bug report if testing tomorrow still shows that bug).

Please do.

> Could the anon-CVS help? The dynamically updated changelog on scribus.org.uk 
> did not show much of relevance. BTW, is there a way to build a debug version?

The anoncvs contains quite a few bugfixes as well as other things. There
is no current method of building a debug version either. It's on my
to-do list (which gets longer and longer the more I optimise the code!)

> So many questions, so little time :) Thanks for any help!

You're welcome :-)


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One browser to find them
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