[Scribus] Crash with text box

Malte Cornils malte
Mon Nov 10 02:59:52 CET 2003


Am Montag, 10. November 2003 01:32 schrieben Sie:
> It also crashes with my system checked Scribus out from cvs today and qt 
> 3.2.2. When I select the text box and change to Properties -> Text there 
> is no font selected for the text box if I first choose a font and start 
> writing it won't crash.

Bingo! For some reason, my Properties/Text Font combobox lists an empty font 
entry by default. Typing text with that makes scribus crash. When I select a 
font from the dropdown list, scribus works fine.

I can also select some text, change the font to "empty" and when I click on 
that, scribus crashes in the same way.

I assume the copy/paste problems are related (the new text box not having a 
font assigned to it)

I've tried to reduce the test case for cutnpaste, too - find the file
there are two text boxes containing "Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser" - one is the 
original, one is cut'n'pasted. Some weird things have happened with AFONT and 
CFONT I suppose.

BTW: Using the Template pages, is there a way to dynamically include the 
current page number?


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