[Scribus] Layers

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Sat Nov 8 23:54:02 CET 2003

Hi Patrick,

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 17:30, Magic Page wrote:
> Ok, you guys,
> Now that Franz, Peter & Paul have convinced me to use layers on my lines 
> and forms and since it may be a long time before the lines problem is 
> fixed,

You can thank Franz for the quick fix..And a reply in less than 30
minutes ;)

>  I find myself needing instructions on doing layers!  ;o)

CVS changelog 08:11:2003

08.11.2003	You can now insert Pictures by simply dragging them to a
########>>>	Setting the Textflow works again for Lines. <<########
		Added an absolute coordinate Mode to the Node-Palette.
		Fixed Bug with Pathtexts.

06.11.2003	Added a --without-python option to ./configure for
		those who don't have a use for the Scripter-Plugin.

05.11.2003	Improved the Preview in the charselect plugin.

04.11.2003	When you resize a Textframe with the Mouse and press
		CTRL+SHIFT the Text is scaled accordingly.

*****This works. Very cool********

02.11.2003	Reenabled the Fontpreview in the Preferences.
		Fixed Bug in the "SetText" Command of the Scripter.

I do not know if anoncvs has been updated, as I work off Franz' cvs tree
here at home. 
> Some basics please, take my hand and walk me thru the process.  Some 
> questions first.  Do layers have to be created as you create your page 
> and objects? 

You can create them on the fly at any time. Their creation and usage is
very flexible. 

Create and name layers, then you can send objects to your chosen layer
by selecting the object and right-click > Send to layer...

>  Can you create layers from the objects you already have on 
> the page?  
First create the layer and *then* send objects to the layer.

> Do you need to group objects together to create a layer
No, no need.  But you can grouped items to a layer in one step. Nice.
>  or  can individual objects be a layer? 

>  Once a layer is created, how will 
> that layer affect other items, text, etc. on the page?
Most important is how you stack them. You can change the order, as well
as choose which ones print and/or are visible. 

You can only edit one layer at a time and must select which layer with
the layer palette. 

The other issue is whether transparency is involved. Otherwise,
whichever object is on the top layer will mask others below.
> Thanks, I await your instructions, since there are none in the online 
> manual.  Oh, another question, what happened to the "About Scribus" 
> window?  Scribus 1.1.3cvs in title bar.

I don't follow you here..
> Patrick


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