[Scribus] Layers

Magic Page magicpage91
Sat Nov 8 23:30:08 CET 2003

Ok, you guys,

Now that Franz, Peter & Paul have convinced me to use layers on my lines 
and forms and since it may be a long time before the lines problem is 
fixed, I find myself needing instructions on doing layers!  ;o)

Some basics please, take my hand and walk me thru the process.  Some 
questions first.  Do layers have to be created as you create your page 
and objects?  Can you create layers from the objects you already have on 
the page?  Do you need to group objects together to create a layer or 
can individual objects be a layer?  Once a layer is created, how will 
that layer affect other items, text, etc. on the page?

Thanks, I await your instructions, since there are none in the online 
manual.  Oh, another question, what happened to the "About Scribus" 
window?  Scribus 1.1.3cvs in title bar.

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