[Scribus] Layers

Magic Page magicpage91
Sun Nov 9 05:21:00 CET 2003

Peter Linnell wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> You can create them on the fly at any time. Their creation and usage is
> very flexible. 
> Create and name layers, then you can send objects to your chosen layer
> by selecting the object and right-click > Send to layer...
>> Can you create layers from the objects you already have on 
>>the page?  
> First create the layer and *then* send objects to the layer.
>>Do you need to group objects together to create a layer
> No, no need.  But you can grouped items to a layer in one step. Nice.
>> or  can individual objects be a layer? 
> Yes.
> Peter

Thanks for the help instructions on Layers Peter, I was able to create a 
couple very easily and I like the feature!  One thing I noticed though 
was it doesn't solve the problem when text is involved.  I created a 
layer for all the vertical lines on the page.  Brought that layer to the 
top, and suddenly my text went everywhere!  It seems to be that old text 
flow bug.  ;o)

Of course, you say it is fixed in the latest cvs?  Don't worry, I'll be 
checking it out!  You also mentioned something about transparency?  Can 
you make a layer somehow transparent, so that on the objects show and 
don't upset anything below it?

Patrick, dazed & confused

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