[Scribus] Making and using ICC profiles with Scribus

Atlantic Tech Solutions tech
Thu Nov 6 23:16:38 CET 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 07:49, Christoph Schoenherr wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm intending to get custom made profiles for my inkjet printer 
> for use with Scribus. Has anyone got some experience with how to 
> do that? The monitor is already profiled with a Spyder.

Good. I am assuming you have color set to 6500K.
> Most of the companies offering custom made profiles assume that 
> one prints their test chart out of Photoshop, but can I do the 
> same procedure with the test chart loaded as an image in 
> Scribus?
> I'm using an Epson 1270 with Generations4 inks and Hahnem?hle 
> PhotoRag watercolor paper, Scribus 1.0 with lcms on SuSE 8.1.

Maybe. It depends if the image is RGB or CMYK. 

The big difference is whether this printer is a real CMYK printer or a
RGB printer. RGB printer ? Yes, many inkjet printer drivers expect to
*receive* color info in sRGB and the driver does the conversion to 3,4
or 6/7 inks automatically.

However, if it is an RGB driver printer, it might be far simpler to open
the PSD or TIFF in the GIMP and print to that with the special GIMP
print drivers without any color corrections - except noting the type of
paper. The GIMP can open Photoshop PSD's

For CMYK printing in general:

1. Get lcms 1.11
2. Upgrade Scribus to 1.1.2. It has enhancements to the color correction
of lcms, but you need 1.11 and Scribus 1.1.1+. This is a new tweak -
black point compentsation, which helps adjusting contrast in photos.

Were there any special instructions beside printing from Photoshop ?


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