[Scribus] Making and using ICC profiles with Scribus

Christoph Schoenherr list01cs
Sun Nov 9 20:42:42 CET 2003

Dear Peter,

thanks for your advices. Please see my replies to your questions 

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> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 07:49, Christoph Schoenherr wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I'm intending to get custom made profiles for my inkjet
> > printer for use with Scribus. Has anyone got some experience
> > with how to do that? The monitor is already profiled with a
> > Spyder.
> Good. I am assuming you have color set to 6500K.
> > Most of the companies offering custom made profiles assume
> > that one prints their test chart out of Photoshop, but can I
> > do the same procedure with the test chart loaded as an image
> > in Scribus?
> >
> > I'm using an Epson 1270 with Generations4 inks and
> > Hahnem?hle PhotoRag watercolor paper, Scribus 1.0 with lcms
> > on SuSE 8.1.
> Maybe. It depends if the image is RGB or CMYK.
It's RGB.

> The big difference is whether this printer is a real CMYK
> printer or a RGB printer. RGB printer ? Yes, many inkjet
> printer drivers expect to *receive* color info in sRGB and the
> driver does the conversion to 3,4 or 6/7 inks automatically.
The printer is also RGB.

> However, if it is an RGB driver printer, it might be far
> simpler to open the PSD or TIFF in the GIMP and print to that
> with the special GIMP print drivers without any color
> corrections - except noting the type of paper. The GIMP can
> open Photoshop PSD's
Yes, that's true -- but then what am I going to do with a profile 
based on GIMP output and not on output coming from Scribus?
I've been told that it is most critical not to change the 
workflow *at all* once the profile being made. Please correct me 
if I'm wrong, and excuse my ignorance.
As far as the GIMP is concerned, I don't see the possibility to 
use an ICC printer profile with it yet.

> For CMYK printing in general:
> 1. Get lcms 1.11
> 2. Upgrade Scribus to 1.1.2. It has enhancements to the color
> correction of lcms, but you need 1.11 and Scribus 1.1.1+. This
> is a new tweak - black point compentsation, which helps
> adjusting contrast in photos.
> Were there any special instructions beside printing from
> Photoshop ?
in brief, the advice is as follows:
- open the test chart in Photoshop
- switch off any color corrections in the printer driver
- select the paper type (usually a matte paper)
- in the color management section, set the "output color space" 
to "Same as source" (usually Adobe RGB or sRGB)
- print the file
- have the printout measured
- once you have got the profile, set "output color space" to this 
profile and leave the printer driver as it were, with color 
corrections switched off.

So I was wondering if this would work in Scribus as well:
- printing a test chart from Scribus with color management 
switched off to get something like a "raw", unbiased output from 
the printer
- measuring the printout and making the profile
- using this profile in Scribus with color management turned on 
again, selcting this profile as printer profile

Thanks for any advice,


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