[Scribus] Windows version

PFJ paul
Wed Nov 5 10:14:38 CET 2003


> > Unfortunately, as they're paying me to do this, it is probable that a
> > binary only version will be available (but all source changes will need
> > to be fed back into the project as per the terms of the GPL). No idea of
> > a timescale. I have a feeling that they want to make some money out of
> > it (which may mean that I will get annoyed and refuse to do it unless a
> > good chunk is fed back to the developer team)
> They want to steal GPL code and make it private / proprietary? 
> "Thieves" is the right word if they do......   

No. That's not right. The binary is free, any changes to the source are
fed back to the project and the only charges made are for media and
printed (or any other) support given by them. Nothing to do with theft,
making something private/proprietary or anything like that.

Do you seriously think for a moment that I would even agree to looking
at it if for I thought that is what they are after *or* that they didn't
understand the GPL and it's implications?


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